Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Leaves on Silver Leaf

The mural continues. I got a bit bogged down in the many many leaves on the tree and the many many hours it took to paint them. But I have turned the corner and soon will get to the really fun part - painting the berry bushes and finally painting the birds. The weather has made it harder to work too. It is so dark these days. But I turn on all the lights, fire up the heater and turn on my audio book (currently Sarah Vowell). It becomes so cosy in the studio that I can work into the darkness of evening, with the cats curled up beside me. At lease until the kids need dinner. Poor things. They are used to eating at 9pm lately.

These segments are about four feet across and if you click on them you'll see them a little bigger.

Oregon grape and Salal wil grow around the these arbutus trees.


  1. i think what you do is utterly amazing.

  2. Glad the cats are keeping you company and the kids are holding off on hunger pangs until you are ready to stop. It's coming along really wonderfully, can't wait to see what it's like when it's all done!! I planted a small arbutus last spring, wonder if it will ever get big like your imagined ones? I might have put it a little too close to the fence, if so...