Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I almost drove off the road yesterday when I saw these mushrooms.

They are growing in the middle of the city under an evergreen tree. So unexpected. Why aren't there crowds visiting them?

I have only ever seen this kind of mushroom in children's book illustrations. Oh Richard Scarry how I miss you. (I think these are Amanita muscaria, which are either "deadly poisonous" or halucinegenic. Interesting cafe Mr Scarry.)


  1. i've seen these only in pictures and illustrations too. yes, i can't imagine why there are no crowds visiting them.

    i'm sure the doll's eyes must be an american relation of the pink and purple growing in my garden. similar shapes and all. i guess a botany person would know ...

  2. Beautiful, Jean, but definitely in the deadly poisonous as opposed to magic mushroom category. Hope you turn them into art!

  3. I have never seen one in the spotty red flesh, lucky you! I saw some in a post from the Vancouver area, so they must be around here, just not usually visible to us city-dwellers. Oh, Richard Scarry, spent many an hour with his books as a kid, and again when my girl was smaller. She went as Gold Bug for Halloween when she was 2 (her choice)! Yeah, he has some wacky stuff in there - talking worm, lots of WWII guys, etc.

  4. I found my red mushrooms on the corner of 10th and Wheeler. I first spotted them a 2 years ago after the traffic work was done on that corner. New compost and dirt was brought in by the city to refill the parking strip and lo and behold- mushrooms the next year.

    They look like magic. Too many german fairy tales as a child.