Sunday, November 1, 2009

Autumn Reds

Looking like the inside of a zombie's throat, this is a seed pod of Paeonia obovata, shiny from the Vancouver rain in my parent's garden where we visited yesterday. Earlier today I posted that it was stinking Iris but my Mum has set me right. Thanks Mum! Your garden is full of wonderful things.

My mum has planted Doll's Eyes in her woodland garden. I love them.

Though we don't have many red autumn leaves here on the west coast, there is plenty of scarlet and crimson in the garden.


  1. Amazing photo - it really looks "stinking"

  2. Spooky plants about the garden.

    My seeds don't turn red but stay bright orange and I think that every one that falls to the ground roots and grows.

    I love the Doll's Eyes.

  3. these strange and beautiful plants in your mum's garden are truly amazing. those doll's eyes!

  4. Oh, the doll's eyes, too creepy! I love them, they look like alien spawn. Never heard of or seen them before, do you think they would grow here? Perfect if they show up around Halloween, too. Great red chard (?) there too.