Friday, February 26, 2010


The blog has had a lot of words and not many pictures lately so I'll share with you the view from the sidewalk in front of my house this afternoon. I am painting these blossoms and will post the painting tomorrow, if it goes well. I wonder if my neighbor saw me snip a little twig and steal away with it. It was small. Really.

When Isobel was a small baby lying in her stroller I would take her outside under a tree like this and slowly turn the stroller in circles so all she could see were the blossoms swirling above her. She is sixteen now but I made her stand under a tree like this the other day, look up and turn slowly around. Poor kid.

Ok Mum. I know you're reading this. Are these plums or cherries? I am thinking plums.

Update: My Mum says that cherries and plums are the same genus (Prunus) so it is hard to tell them apart. Wikipedia says "The name 'cherry' may also be applied to many other members of the genus Prunus. The fruits of many of these are not cherries, and have other common names, including plum, apricot, peach, and others."

Maybe I will call these ones "ch-ums". They are all over the neighborhood and are turning it into a wonderland.


  1. what gorgeous blossoms! how very lucky you are - we have only had horizontal sleet and grey chilly weather in Edinburgh, no blossoms here yet!

    I left a comment re the 5 x 5 - hope you get in!
    Did you mention it in your etsy shop?

  2. Hello there,
    Twirling your young daughter below a tree like this: you couldn't have given her a better start in life.
    I want to live on a street like yours......
    As for Annette: 500 miles further down South the weather is no better.

  3. Hi Jean - We have those out our front window too, also belonging to neighbors. I believe they are ornamental plums, no fruit. Dark purple leaves, rather blah in summer but so spectacular this time of year! Isobel is lucky to have a mom like you. I love blossom season!!

    See you tomorrow, and can't wait to see the blossom painting! I'm sure your neighbors would forgive you if they knew the contribution they were making to great art. :)

  4. As your mom said, both are from the prunus family, so essentially they are cousins (sisters?). Your photos are so lovely, as is the painting that resulted. Is that kind of bunny called a "lop"?