Friday, February 5, 2010

Mouse or Cat

This painting, barely started, is only 12 inches wide. A much smaller scale than my last four foot winter scene. My garden is full of dead plants that have such wonderful shapes and textures like this hydrangea and I want to capture some of them even though I am being tempted by new spring flowers already. The helebores, snowdrops and daphnes are blooming but I will try not to be distracted until this new one is finished.

I put a little mouse watching the sunset but I think I might change her to a cat, using Opal as my model. I find it very hard to imagine the anatomy of an animal and get more satisfying results working from observation.

Spring is strangely early this year. It's nice but odd.


  1. Opal is the loveliest model imaginable. Wonder if the animals can tell the difference between an ordinary sunset and a spectacular one? Cute snowdrop! Yes, nice but very strange indeed to be having a 60 degree day on Feb. 6...

  2. Hello from France! I've been enjoying visiting your blog for a while now, so I thought it would be high time to drop a line. I love your paintings, very personal and refreshing style. Congratulations for your work and the pleasure you find there. Bye for now!