Sunday, February 14, 2010


I am excited by some upcoming lectures in Seattle this spring. There is a wonderful art history series at the Frye Museum by Rebecca Albiani who shows great slides and seems to have a boundless amount of information in her head. Both her series are sold out but I always show up at the door and buy a ticket on the spot. I just saw her speak about the mosaics of Ravenna and it was marvelous. The next in the series in a lecture on Van Gogh on March 11. I am looking forward to her series on Vermeer which starts on Feb 24th. I hope they can find me a seat.

I have never been to any of the events offered by Gage Academy but I just filled up my calendar with tempting lectures there. Tomorrow, 21 Feb, is one in a series about color looking at Impressionism. The following Monday will be color and Picasso/Matisse. Since I am unfamiliar with this venue I think I'll call them first to make sure they have room for me.

I have been wondering lately if I should be living in the suburbs so that I have more gardening space but when I get excited about events like these I remember why I like living in the city. Last week I popped out to Rebecca's lecture and popped back in time to make dinner for my kids. City living is great!

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  1. My kid went to a draw-a-thon or something like that at Gage, it seemed fun and I have heard other artists have their kids take classes there. Isn't the Frye amazing? Free museums, we should have more of those! Did you know you can get into the Met in NYC for a penny, they have a "suggested donation" and you can just pay what you like? Takes nerviness to try that, but it makes art accessible to those who would otherwise not be able to afford the steep entry fee, which I think is great.