Friday, February 26, 2010

बरस अरे गुड Too

While I am delighted to be showing at so many really good coffee shops this year I have also entered my work in an open call at Grey Gallery, which is actually a bar and one of my favorites. They have comfy seats, great drinks and some wonderful wall space for art.

Here is the blog site for the competion they are holding. There are lots of entries and it is fun to look through them all. If you scroll waaay down to #27 you can see my work and leave a comment. They are hoping for feedback from the public. Put in a good word for your favorites and enjoy the art!

You will see that my work is very different than the rest. Hmmm. There is a vibrant realist/pop surealist movement here in Seattle but I am not seeing evidence of it here. Perhaps my work is too quiet, intimate, for a bar setting? What do you think? My work has thoughtful meaning, as I explain on this blog, but with a casual glance it might seem simply pretty?

By the way, my blog titles keep being translated into Hindi. I have decided to embrace it. This one says "Bars Are Good Too"


  1. apparently there ARE some people noticing your "quiet" work on the grey gallery blog! two viewers (so far) have chosen yours and mine in their top five! the most recent was a very positive, lovely review. i felt very flattered to be included in his pix - as i liked the same ones.