Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy World

Our vision is incredibly selective. We don't pay attention to most of what our eyes pass over or we would go crazy. Our brains can't acknowledge every grain of sand, every eyelash, every person in a crowd. The same selective thinking applies to the way we live in the larger world. We are only aware of a tiny fraction of what is happening all around us and it is necessarily so.

This painting is about how crazy the world is and how we have to ignore most of the excitement and tragedy. We keep it in the background or we, ourselves would go crazy. This little bunny is doing a good job of staying focussed on the solid ground beneath her feet despite the wildly twisting parrot tulips behind her.

It is a serious image but not entirely sad. Parrot tulips are beautiful- just a little overwhelming.

1 comment:

  1. I agree - sometimes I wish to be more oblivious. Well, as you say, you can choose not to look sometimes. I guess that's why I stopped listening to news radio and reading the front page of the NY Times. Not to be a no-nothing, just to protect myself from some of the worst the world seems to offer. I hope your rabbit finds the tulips a peaceful shelter despite their riotous patterning. We missed you yesterday, hope the final prep for your show is going well. I hope to come see it soon!