Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stained Glass

Here are some delicious images of plants from the windows of the British Columbia Legislature in Victoria. I would love to try to make something like this. The glowing colors come from the different pieces of glass but the details seem to be made by painting black paint on the surface and scratching it off. I may have to do some research...

There is a wonderful story about this window. It was designed and made before the symbols of British Columbia had received final approval from London and was rejected since it shows the sun "setting" over the British flag. Of course, the sun is never supposed to set on the British Empire!

I love all the plants. Roses for England. Thistles for Scotland. Some shamrocks for Ireland. But shouldn't there be leeks for Wales? What is the small purple flower? Maybe it is something Welsh.


  1. Hi Jean, I was just looking through this gorgeous post and reading through, I wondered if that small purple flower is the blossom of the Shamrock plant?
    I would never have expected the details were done by scraping off black paint! How clever and how well done. I am glad to see that close up picture. Quite a revelation!

  2. Priya the purple flowers are clearly not clover or "Trifolium" but may well be Oxalis which is very similar to clover. How clever of you. I still can't spot any leeks or daffodils (the other symbol of Wales) in the crest but I want to research it now. We could be plant detectives.

  3. OK. I think there are daffodils behind the stag and the ram. Right? Whew. I didn't want the Welsh to be left out.

  4. These are amazing! I can't wait to see what your research produces...