Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Study of Opal

oil on panel 8"x6"


  1. Your work amazes me every time I visit. Mesmerizing. (and I don't even like cats). The detail must take ages to do. A bit like Dürer's Hare.

  2. I second the comment above. The detailing in your work never ceases to amaze. Makes me want to reach out and touch the cat. I also like the lighting emanating from your paintings, giving it that mystical aura.

    I was wondering what became of the mural of the tree that you posted some time ago.

  3. Hi Joco and Priya,
    Thanks for such kind comments. They keep me painting! Priya the tree mural was finished but the owners haven't hung it yet. Once it is hung I shall photograph it and post it. Hmmm. Maybe they didn't like it??? So many doubts when one is a painter, as you know.

  4. Sometimes I am too lazy to hang up a painting so keep it propped up where I will see it every day, as I must admit is the case with your bee. Finding the right spot is sometimes tough, but where it is (sideboard), I enjoy it every time I sit down at the table. So, I bet your commissioners love your work, even if it is not yet on their wall! Love Opal, she looks like she is filtering moonlight there, thinking her deep and unknowable kitty thoughts.

  5. Hi,

    I really apreciate your work. Its very sensitive and touching.
    I am also a painter here in my country wich is Brasil, and I know
    that you are a very talented person.
    Continue to paint and give us a little of the beauty that you have inside you. Congratulations!