Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cat Photographers

Here is the finished parrot tulip painting shown at an earlier stage in the last post. I have finished the bloom and added gold leaf. I know that I should use a tripod when photographing my work, but I like what happened when my cat bumped into my camera while taking the blurry photo. The tulip leaves are even more crazy and alive than in the focused version.

Speaking of crazy, the weather in Seattle has been out of control lately. I am sure I am not the only Seattle gardener whose heart sank watching the snow and hail pour out of the sky last night. In fact, as I write this, it is snowing again. I don't expect sympathy from any east coast gardeners, especially you Maritimers, but folks around here are getting pretty grouchy.


  1. Love the tulips and the painting - you are very clever!

    Do you sell your paintings?

  2. Hail, sleet, snow, lightning and thunder over here in Ballard. What's next? --Curmudgeon

  3. Absolutely beautiful tulip...the weather in Portland hasn't been so great it sleeted, yesterday it snowed...

  4. Thanks for the comments on the paintings. Yes, Zoe I sell them at a cafe here in Seattle. There is a blog of the ones that I have left for sale. bigbluewall.blogspot
    and you can see my other more fanciful oil paintings at