Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oil Painting of Rainier Cherry Blossom

Rainier Cherry blossom as it looks today.

This is how it looked when I started my little painting, strange and a bit creepy in the number of buds crammed onto a branch. Like something out of control, or a disease. But also very beautiful. I compared it to a drawing I made of mussels clinging to a beach stone in a previous post.

This little painting is about 8"x10". I like how the bare background emphasizes the odd shape and the dancing pattern of the white blossoms. I am happy with it and want to incorporate something similar into a bigger painting.


  1. Well, I REALLY like this painting...the background works for me because I get to concentrate on the blossoms. Plus you get two thumbs up from me for having a great blog title.

  2. What wonderful talent! Your painting is outstanding, as is the tree.