Thursday, April 17, 2008

Interesting Tulips

How wonderful to have parrot tulips growing in my garden! They are so much more interesting than the mechanically perfect shapes and colors of regular tulips. I have been using the word "interesting" a lot lately to express pleasure and the word "boring" to express my displeasure. "Interesting" people understand life's complexities and, like parrot tulips, are more fun companions than those who see the world in simple terms. I know that the beautiful contortions of the parrot tulips are caused by a virus and can be considered deformities. Hmmm. Do our own struggles and emotional deformities make us more beautiful, more interesting people? Of course they do!

Painting these parrots made me realize that I actually enjoy the leaves as much as the flowers. Each leaf is unpredictable, crazy and twisty with a mind of its own. How interesting!


  1. You have a wonderful artist's eye. I envy your talent.

  2. I love parrot tulips! Last year I had Apricot Parrot for the first time...this year, I will have more of tem and I'm not sure what else (I forgot to write all my bulbs down yet again!)