Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dancing Weasels not Personal Demons

I have had a touch of the blues this week, probably brought on by the nasty weather. When this mood strikes I like to lighten my paintings with some irreverent characters who defy me to take things too seriously so this week I painted a dancing weasel eating cherry blossom. Maybe today I will finish off the last of my glum mood by digging in the garden on this (finally) sunny day.


  1. Love the weasel! Love the painting!!! Being able to create (not to mention garden) is such a wonderful way to work yourself out of the doldrums!

  2. I agree with "ben" .. I am liking this painting very much .. it almost has a 3D affect to it. Crisp lines .. irreverence in subject matter .. just the sort of thing I admire : )
    Well done !