Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy, Happy Studio Days

I am finishing up a couple of paintings which I will post soon but I don't want to let peony season pass by without paying homage. I get lost in these petals like when I look out of an airplane window at the clouds and imagine living in amongst them. To have such luxury in my garden! I feel like a queen.


  1. They are so very beautiful.

    My grandmother had many in her garden, and she would tell me that this is where the fairies slept.

  2. hi jean,
    these are so beautiful. you've described them so well too - the clouds one views from an airplane window...
    i'm on a blog break, but i'm getting plenty of inspiration by looking through this blog.

  3. Yes, nothing like a peony for beauty and fragrance! Unlike so many flowers, everything about them is beautiful: foliage, shrubby shape, buds, and flowers. Can't wait to see your new paintings!

  4. What lovely photos of your peonies! The fragrance... so sensual all around. Yes, to have such luxury... to feel like a Queen. Looking forward to seeing your painting!

  5. I like your grandmother's story Zoe.
    Priya I wonder if you can grow peonies in India. Maybe it doesn't get cold enough.
    Ben I started painting a poppy yesterday. but after a couple of hours in the hot studio it had drooped completely.
    Carol I am continuing to enjoy your wonderful photographs. Thank you.