Monday, June 15, 2009

New Web Site

I'll email this announcement to my mailing list where it will appear larger and legible. Or click on this version to read the little words easier. It's the same url but updated work.


  1. Hilarious! "May Contain Weasels" - well, I hope so! Hey Jean, sorry about flaking on the lilac walk idea. I'm sure they are done blooming now. Evenings are hard until school's out, but we should plan something after this week. There's plenty more to look at, flower-wise, I'm sure! Can't remember if you're in for the 27th on SAGBUTT, I'm going to try to make it. Or maybe you're in the parade this Saturday? Giant human-powered bunny/weasel float, maybe?

  2. And suggestive poppy buds too. Looking forward to visiting.

    It does seem as if we've been in school too long this year- or that summer has already begun to happen. Just a couple of days more.

  3. Yes aren't poppy buds suggestive! I'm not sure if they suggest something male or female (-:
    I think they are wonderful but they are all gone from my garden now and I cut back the stems and leaves last night.
    Karen isn't it amazing how life changes when school is out. Four more days!