Friday, June 5, 2009


It's poppy time! I want to be in the studio painting these amazing flowers.

The verdict is still out on the lilac I posted last week although Karen's suggestion of Chinese Lilac is likely correct. My Mum also suggested Preston Lilac, maybe Isabella. I didn't know there were so many different kinds of lilacs!

(update update Daniel has commented on the lilac issue. Thank you Daniel.)

I am playing with the look of this blog so please bear with me as I change the picture at the top. This one looks blurry so I will keep working on it.


  1. What a fabulous shot of your pinky papery poppy! So voluptuous and fluffy in a multi folded paper kind of way. Beautiful. Have fun painting them!

  2. Hello Pillbug, I am so happy it's poppy time too. The Hmong farmers have 100 foot long rows of mixed colored poppies I'll try to post a photo soon. the lilac you saw is Syringa x josifexa 'Bellicent' it's sort of old fashioned but I g bet you could get one from Forest Farm.The Preston lilacs are blooming now too but the flowers are very upright. I love the textile posting.

  3. it is such a pleasure going through your utterly gorgeous blog. everything dazzles - the paintings, your garden. Beautiful!
    i am glad i found this space :-)

    ps: most of all, i am thrilled to bits that you are a cat lover.

  4. After a weekend in the garden I will head back to the studio tomorrow and maybe try some poppies. Thanks for stopping by Carol.

    Daniel, your help with the lilac is great and I will look for it. It really was a knock out. I would love to see the flower farm fields and remember the ones on the way toward Monroe as being really gorgeous. Did you notice that I got rid of the "Pillbug" header? I feel more like a "Jean" than a "Pillbug"

    Hi Priya. I checked your lovely blog and it inspired me to take some photos of my cat's fur today! Thanks.