Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Morning Visitor

This baby Steller's Jay appeared on my patio this morning. It doesn't seem to be injured but is perhaps too young to fly. Its parents keep visiting it. Will they feed it? I threw some strawberries and some pine nuts in its direction but it seemed uninterested. Please fly away baby jay. My cats hate being locked in the house.

By the way, we have had NO bird/cat incidents yet this summer. Everything has been blissful in the garden - until now. Sigh. And the parent jays are eating the cherries off my tree. Please go away and take your heartbreakingly adorable baby with you.

Update-twelve hours later. Well the poor little bird sat patiently all day but I never saw it being fed. By the end of the day I was an emotional wreck and sure the baby was looking weaker. So I took it to the wildlife rehab center Paws. It is a fabulous place and deserves our support. They agreed that the poor bird was lethargic and needed some intervention. I hope the parent birds really had given up caring for baby. At least it is being well cared for now. I really can't handle mother nature. It is so tragic.

Also today - the cats who were grouchy from being locked in the house, cheered themselves up by cornering a mouse or small rat in the entrance hall. I spent a pretty funny few minutes chasing the terrified mouse (rat?) through every room on the ground floor waving a towel and a plastic bucket around. Amazingly I managed to catch it and took it outside to the back alley. It really was very sweet. (yes I know about the plague)

I hope tomorrow has fewer wild animals in it.


  1. We're having bird/cherry issues here too. Luckily our cats catch only voles and mice of various sorts. I'd hate it if they brought home birds. Maybe you could paint the bird. D.

  2. Daniel I solved the cherry problem by eating as many as I could by myself. They weren't quite ripe but I would rather eat them now than not at all.

  3. Jean, we had a baby crow at my mother's house the other evening. It was getting dark and there appeared to be no parents around. The interesting thing about the baby was that its foot was banded with a blue band. Someone's keeping track of it. It finally headed off to somewhere and when I got home- my three crows were waiting for me on the wire. I think that one of them was the same baby. I'm glad that you saved the little jay and I agree that Mother Nature is too harsh some times.